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    Basic Guide To Cardio-Beginner Package

    It’s time to cover every basic thing about cardio. I wont be talking about recent researches or tricks etc because none of them works. Its as simple; the harder you work the better you get. So lets start from what is this cardio.

    When a beginner starts his fitness journey he might listen the word cardio as his first word. So lets understand what is this cardio thing. Cardio is basically short form for cardiovascular. In our body cardiovascular system is responsible for supply of oxygen and nutrients to all the cell with blood flow caused by the heart. So this form of training causes the elevation in heart rate.

    Since more amount of work is done by the body during exercises, more amount of oxygen is needed to each individual cell to keep up with the applied stress. Our body thus burns more calories to combat this stress.

    Cardio Heart Rate

    For cardio, our heart rate should be above 60% of our max possible heart rate. To calculate your maximum possible heart rate here is a simple formula. That is subtract your current age from 220. Now you get your maximum possible heart rate. For example I am 19 years old right now. So my maximum heart rate would be 220 – 19 = 201. So 201 is my maximum heart rate. I cant go beyond it. Beyond it lies my death . So if I want to perform cardio my heart rate should be 120+ (120 is the 60% of my max heart rate which is 201 ). So that explains cardio in simplest terms possible.

    Many people think that cardio is a separate exercises. Like when I mention cardio people say “How much do you run in a day?”. Well it is true that the most common way to do cardio is running but one thing worth mentioning here is that cardio can be done with any exercise. You can do cardio with body weight exercises too so you don’t need all those fancy equipment. I see many people who think just buying a treadmill would help them. No way, you can do it without treadmill if you are passionate about it.


    Starting with some of the basic health effects this cardio will offer you. First of all it really improves your overall health. When you train keeping your heart rate elevated then your hearts perform better. Due to elevated heart rate more and more oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells. So that keeps everything fresh. Cardio burns fat and that is why everyone performs it. For example running for about 10-15 minutes will help you burn 100 kcalls.

    Well that amount of calories is not constant. It depends upon your weight, height, age and gender. You can perform cardio daily because it doesn’t stress away the body too much and no special recovery is required. If your goal is to lose fat then think of incorporating cardio in your routine. You can split your cardio routine like 2 to 3 times in a day so that wont tire you and infact will be easy to do. Instead of running 30 minutes in a single time split it up into 10 minutes session and do it three times a day. In this way you are less likely to get tire and quit.

    Some Bad News

    As this cardio has many health benefits there are some bad news too. Cardio can burn muscles. That is right. If you have decent amount of muscle in your body than do cardio carefully. Any cardio for more than 20 minutes in a single time can start burning your muscles. Specially if you are performing fast pace cardio keeping your heart rate above 80% than it will most likely start burning muscles after just 5-10 minutes.

    So for those who want to preserve muscles i prefer do slow pace cardio for less than 20 mins in a single time. Do it 2-3 times in a day and you would be getting the best possible results.Another drawback is that cardio takes alot of energy and the result it promises takes time. I know its not easy to do cardio for a month and seeing just a little bit difference but that’s how it works. If you think you would shed 3-4 kg of fat in a month with cardio than sorry. It is not possible. Even if you succeed , you would be burning muscles instead of fat. So cardio takes time and dedication with the will to never give up.

    So that simply is cardio. Now you know what are the good and bad stuff of cardio its time to think whether to incorporate it in your training schedule or not. It all depends upon your fitness goals. If you are ready to put in some 3-4 months then do slow pace cardio daily for about 2-3 times in a day and you would be in a best possible shape. If you want to lose all the fat in a month then I am afraid there is no way for that.

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    Cardio Vs HIIT-What’s Better For Max Fat Loss?

    Today we will be covering the two popular ways of loosing fat. One is the cardio and the other one is HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training). We would be covering their pros and cons and would find out which is best for you according to your lifestyle and your fitness goal. Lets get started.


    Let’s cover the simple question first, basically what is this cardio?. Well cardio stands for cardiovascular. Any exercise which pumps up your heart rate falls under the category of cardio. Now by pumped heart rate I mean above than 60% of your max heart rate.

    Most popular form of cardio is running. People run at a fast pace for as much time as they want and in the meantime they are burning more and more calories its that simple. The faster and longer you run the more calories you burn. It is one of the most common way to loose fat because all you need is to run , just like we all run from our responsibilities. Anyways one thing worth mentioning here is that cardio isn’t a specified exercise. Any exercises which gets your heart rate above 60% of your max heart can be regarded as cardio.



    Now it’s time to look at HIIT. It stands for ( High Intensity Interval Training ). HIIT is basically a different way to perform cardio. In this form of cardio one does exercise by short bursts of energy for a smaller number of duration with smaller rest periods.

    Let me clear it with an example. If you run all out for about 30 seconds then rest for about 10 seconds that completes one round of HIIT. After those 10 seconds of rest are over you start again running for 30 seconds and that is the starting of second round of HIIT. So that simple is HIIT.

    Cardio Pros

    Moving on to the pros of cardio. As compared to HIIT, cardio is a little bit easier to do. As for cardio one keeps the heart rate above 60% of the maximum heart rate so its a little bit easier to keep that much heart rate elevated as compared to HIIT in which your heart rate goes upto 90% of your maximum heart rate.

    Cardio doesn’t tire us that much. We can run for about 10 to 20 mins in the morning and it will temporarily would effect us but we get better in 5 mins so its easier to incorporate it in your routine. Cardio burns a decent amount of calories and if you have a goal of normal physique cardio would help you. It helps keeping your overall health good by supplying each cell with oxygen so its good for overall better health.

    Cardio Cons

    It’s cons time now. Cardio takes time. For example even to burn around 100 calories you must walk for more than 10 minutes. So its a time consuming process. If you have a goal of burning 300-500 calories than I don’t think you can run for more than half an hour. For people to whom time is precious it you need to incorporate it in your routine carefully.

    Cardio burns less calories than HIIT workout. Cardio can make you bore during working out. Like if you are running on a treadmill for about 20 minutes than you are most likely to get bore. It isn’t exciting. Cardio burns the muscles too. So its not all the fat you are burning, some of the muscles burn too with a fast pace cardio.

    HIIT Pros

    Time to cover the Pros of HIIT. One of the best feature of HIIT is its ability to burn insane amount of calories. Like a 5-8 minutes properly executed HIIT workout can make you burn more than 200kcalls. Its ability to elevate the metabolism for next 2-3 days is absolutely stunning. HIIT saves the time.

    For people who have less time they can simply do HIIT and get more calories burned than the would ever get from cardio. HIIT doesn’t burns muscles, infact it helps growing the muscles

    HIIT Cons

    Time to see cons. HIIT is super hard. It ain’t easy shit. Its brutal. After 2-3 rounds its like your heart will pop out of your chest and you really get drained to a point when you start getting dizzy. It effects our central nervous system hard so we need days to recover from it due to which we can not do it for more than 3 times in a week.Its ability to completely drains ones energy is devasting. After a Fully well executed session of HIIT a person is worn out.

    So as we see both of these training styles have their pros and cons. To decide whether to follow cardio or HIIT one should think about their goal physique and their lifestyle. If you have time and want a normal looking physique i suggest do cardio for achieving the desired physique.

    What To Go For?

    If you want a professional type physique than go for HIIT. The bigger your goals the more you gotta work hard. If you have plenty of time then cardio is a better option but depends if you want to save muscles or not. Cardio can burn muscle real quick if it is done for more than 20 mins so if you do cardio more than 20 minutes you are most likely burning muscle instead of fat. Find for yourself what suits you.

    Be Careful

    Don’t overdo it. There is a limit to both. For HIIT only do it 2-3 times a week and for cardio, well you can do cardio daily but not more than 20 mins at a time. Split it up if want to do cardio for more than an hour. Always do a decent warm up before doing any of those.

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    Basics of A Fat Loss Diet- What Should It Must Contain?

    fat loss diet

    The Fat Loss Diet

    fat loss diet

    It’s time to talk about the most controversial topic. The fat loss diet. There are alot of views out there; alot of opinions and alot of researched. Instead of getting benefit from all those researches , people are getting depressed and not getting the results which were shown to them by their respected magazines.

    In this article I will put the information about how should be your diet if you want to lose fat in the most simple terms. Don’t involve yourself with new researches. Follow what I am gonna tell you and see by yourself whether it works or not.

    How To Make One?

    Starting with how does one makes a diet that causes one to lose fat?. People often ask what should I introduce in my diet so that I start burning some fat. Well in order to burn some fat from diet you must create a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is basically consuming less calories than before. So how much calorie deficit one should think of in order to lose fat? well for the answer lets have a look at some of the maths involved.

    Maths Behind

    One pound of fat has around 3500 kilo calories. Again I say calories is a very small unit so we use kilo calories all the time as calories. So even when some one say calories he is talking about kilo calories. So a pound of fat has around 3500 kcalls. Now in order to lose one pound of fat one must simply burn 3500 kcalls. There are two ways of doings them . Number one is diet and number two is exercise. Today we will be covering diet only.

    To start fat loss journey one must simply know the basic terms involve. One of them is BASAL METABOLIC RATE (BMR) which is the amount of calories your body burns in a day to perform all the vital functions. Its different for each individual. It depends upon factors like gender, height , weight etc so its different for every person. In order to control or burn the fat in your body you should simply consume less calories than your BMR. You can calculate your BMR from here www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bmr_calculator.htm .

    Diet Must Have’s

    Now what should be your diet which will help you in the most efficient way?. Answer not so simple so lets get deeper in it. There are basically three macronutrient our body needs to perform all the functions of our body. They are Proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In a fat loss diet you must balance them in such a way that they help you achieving your goal instead of giving you some fat.

    Starting with the protein. Protein is one of the most important macronutrient and it really helps you increase the metabolism because of its thermogenic effect. So for a good fat loss diet, it should have around 40% or more of protein in it.

    Carbohydrates are the next important macronutrients and should constitute about 30% or more of your total daily intake of macronutrients. Fats are the dangerous one so a fat loss diet should not have more than 20% of fat content in it. In one of my article ” THE MACRONUTRIENTS ” I explained all these things already in detail so have a view of that to clear some of the confusions you have .

    fat loss diet

    So lets finalize and think what foods to include in your fat loss diet. Here is a list of stuff I believe would really help you in your fat loss diet.
    For proteins :- Chicken meat, Eggs, Beef, Milk, Yogurt, lentils and beans. They are all easy to get and provide best result. I just put the simple stuff, there are many other sources too but these worked out the most for me.
    For Carbohydrates :- Oats, banana, Brown rice, Chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Beware of simple carbohydrates like sugars . They aren’t good. consume complex carbohydrates only for a fat loss diet. The above mentioned carbs are complex one and would keep you burn some fat.
    For fat:- Olive oil, avocados and egg yolk. Peanut butter is also good but every time I eat that I cant stop myself so I end up eating all of that. If you can stop yourself then include that too.

    As this fat loss topic is so vast so I just put everything I believed one should know to start fat loss journey. It will all take time. To be honest you wont be getting desired body shape before 2 months. So put in some 2 months hard work and you would be in your best possible shape. So just figure out to cover all the good stuff i mentioned above in your diet.

    It not about the calorie deficit. It about how you create the calorie deficit. In your calorie deficit try to provide body with all the macronutrients , vitamins , minerals so that it doesn’t fade away. Don’t be cruel on your body. Eat healthy even if it creates a little calorie deficit than eating nothing at all. One more thing don’t starve. It would just wreck your body. In your fat loss diet try to consume every possible macronutrient , vitamin and mineral by keeping calorie count as much low as possible.

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    Weightlifting As A Type Of HIIT?

    When it comes to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), people always think about cardio. Yes many of you are right about it. It is primarily used for fat loss and most of the HIIT exercises are cardio based but today I am gonna show you how one can do HIIT with lifting weights.

    Yes, weight lifting is a type of HIIT. To understand this lets get deeper into the roots of HIIT. Now if you think about it, HIIT works when someone gives short but intense blasts of energy and then feed themselves with some little rest. Like many people performing HIIT do 30 seconds intense running and then take a rest of about 10 seconds and then they repeat the whole thing again and again.

    What’s common in both?

    In weightlifting one starts an exercise, performs the desired reps and takes a rest of around 30 seconds to 45 seconds then repeats the whole thing. Now isn’t there something common between them. Look at them this way that both require a person to perform short exercise with intense energy then rest then repeat again and again. You see that’s what I was talking about. Weightlifting is in fact a form of HIIT.

    People often confuse HIIT with merely a cardio stuff and use light exercises for performing HIIT. Like most of the people just run for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and then repeat it as they want. For me running is a bit difficult. Like it becomes hard to tolerate each round and I personally cant do more than 10 rounds and on the 10th round I am about to faint away. But I love weightlifting and it is something I always enjoy.

    Lifting weights has become a part of my routine. If you like weight lifting too then I am gonna tell you a good news. Weightlifting is in fact a form of HIIT and it triggers the After burn effect better than a typical cardio type session of HIIT would ever do.

    Yeah guys weightlifting is such a great thing. Weightlifting can create the after burn effect which can last about three days and its easier as compared to running or any that kind of cardio. Keeping heart rate elevated at around 90% ain’t easy so I personally prefer weight lifting over it.


    For people who don’t know what is After burn effect here is a simple explanation. After burn effect is the elevation in the metabolism caused by exercises that use excess energy from your body. I cant put it more simpler tho. I wrote an article on After burn effect so better check it out first so that it becomes easier for you to understand.

    Now lets see what makes weightlifting superior to all form of HIIT. When we get into a gym and start our gym session after warmup we hit the muscles directly. Like if its your back day then you would be doing some direct back exercises instead of doing running at the gym. After a successful gym session we brutally break the muscles down.

    As the muscle is now broken it needs more and more energy to repair and grow itself. In cardio where you just utilize a muscle group a little and then that muscle can heal itself within hours because it is not torn or broken it is just used. Whereas in weightlifting a muscle is broken down so it need more time to heal itself. This is where After burn effect kick in.

    Now if your muscle takes around two or three days to recover from a brutal workout you get after burn for about two to three days. In simple words if your muscle takes around three days to recover then you would have an elevated metabolism for the next three days and elevated metabolism means that you would be burning more calories while watching television or any other activity you doing. So weight lifting is a form of HIIT and the best form I would say.

    Weight lifting already had many benefits like strength, big muscle and now it helps greatly in fat loss too. So better get yourself involved with weight lifting and get the complete package of muscle building, fat loss and strength.

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    Your Guide To High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT )


    What Is HIIT?


    In this article we would be covering HIIT training. So let’s start from a simple question. What is HIIT. Well HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a type of training in which a person releases short but intense bursts of energy and now this form of training is known as the most effective training for fat loss and some muscle gains at the same time.

    How To?

    So how does one performs HIIT ?. Let me explain it to you. HIIT can be done by many ways either they be cardio or just body exercises but now lets cover the easiest and most common way to perform HIIT. That is running. If you have access to a treadmill then you can do it on treadmill but if you don’t have access to treadmill don’t worry you can just run in a nearby park or in your own neighborhood.

    Before starting, have a decent warm up. Then start running for about 30 seconds. In these 30 seconds you must run all out and run as fast as you can utilizing all your energy at once. After these 30 seconds of running are done relax for about 10 seconds. Then after these 10 seconds start running all out for again 30 seconds. Repeat the whole thing again and again for as much as you can. I cannot do more than 10 rounds of those. So perform as many rounds as you can before fainting away.

    Same for any kind of exercise or a combination of different exercises. One can perform HIIT with different body weight exercises like squats , pushups , pull ups and burpees. For body exercises I also have a plan for you. Do 10 seconds of push ups then do 10 seconds of squats then do 10 seconds of pull ups and then 10 seconds of burpees.

    When you are done these 40 seconds of all out exercises rest for 10 to 20 seconds then start repeating the whole thing again and again for as much round as you want. So for those who easily find an excuse for not having treadmill or a good neighborhood, well you can perform High intensity interval training with body weight exercises anywhere and anytime so you got no excuses now.

    Totally Worth It?

    Let’s see what makes this High Intensity Interval Training worth it. If you analyze the physique of a sprinter, it is lean and muscular whereas the physique of a marathon runner is a skinny physique. So you see that HIIT helps you lose more fat and building more muscles at the same time. HIIT works by what is known as After burn effect which is also known as EPOC ( excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).


    This after burn is the elevation caused in metabolism , which speed up the fat burning and can last some days. When we exercise like that, we drain up most of our energy. We end up draining ATP reserves which are bodies energy source as well as glycogen and creatine reserves too. So in order to compensate for all that energy losses our body needs to increase its oxygen consumption. This increase in oxygen consumption increases our metabolism.

    Lose Fat

    Now this increased metabolism may remain increased for the next 10 hours or maybe next 3 days. In this period of elevated metabolism you would be burning more calories. So HIIT training makes you lose fat from the exercises which you performed days ago. I explained After burn effect in my previous articles so if you want to know more about after burn effect then check that article .

    Muscle Building

    Muscle building is another important feature of this high intensity interval training. As we perform exercises in short bursts with low rest periods it boosts the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Human growth hormone regulates many vital functions in our body . Some of them are Muscle building, Fat loss and Increasing bone density. This is the ideal hormone for fitness goal and one could simply boost it within ones body by incorporating HIIT training in his routine

    Now some people have confusions that for HIIT there are specified exercises. That is not true. You can perform any exercise as High intensity interval training. In fact weight lifting is a form of HIIT. So to perform any kind of exercise as HIIT , simply perform it with full energy for around half a minute to a full minute and then take a rest for about a quarter minute. It is that simple. You don’t even need any fancy equipment for this. Just your body and your passion.

    This form of training requires more energy than any other fat loss exercises. Its ability to shock the metabolism is really amazing but one should be careful about incorporating this in one’s routine. If you are interested in performing HIIT then don’t over do it.

    Be Careful

    It is a very heavy form of training so just do it 2-3 times in a week . Don’t do more than that. This form of training depletes your energy and effects your nervous system too which needs almost two days to recover, so structure it in your routine carefully. If you do it daily then you would end up over training and that would make you gain some fat and lose some muscles. So be careful.

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    Burn Insane Amount Of Fat With Science-Afterburn Effect


    Intro To Afterburn


    Is there a way we can lose some fat while resting, watching the television or doing any thing we want?. Yes there is a way and in order to burn calories while resting or watching a movie sitting on your couch, you must do some thing in your training time that has a long lasting effect on your metabolism. Its called the After burn effect.

    As the name implies that it is after burn, the word after shows that it occurs after you finish your exercise. Lets understand some of basics here. When you step on a treadmill or cycle or even you do any kind of exercise; you start burning calories. Our body burns these calories to supply our bodies with energy.

    As you see you would be only burning those calories when you are in a state of exercise for instance you would be burning only when you are walking and when you stop your walk you stop burning calories. However there is a way that even after you stop you exercise you still be getting the same benefits. Your body would be burning calories even though you have finished your exercises hours ago.

    That is ladies and gentlemen After burn effect for you. Let’s understand some of the science behind it first then we would figure out ways to incorporate it in your training routine.


    Scientifically this afterburn effect is known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” abbreviated as EPOC. Simple and easy explanation for this afterburn effect or EPOC is that when we exercise brutally our body gets drained from energy reserves.

    In order to compensate for the extreme energy lose our body increase its oxygen consumption which in turn speed up our metabolism and we all know metabolism is what burns the fat. So that’s how science explains it by making oxygen our hero.

    Benefits of Afterburn

    This afterburn burn effect has so much benefits like increased fat loss in minimum time and keeping the elevated metabolism for the next day or even two. Now you might be thinking man I gotta do this afterburn but it all comes at a cost. The cost is that we have to step out of our comfort zones. For all the people who already stepped out of their comfort zones and are working really hard for their desired fitness goal believe me guys you are the true winners and for you it wont be a problem. Those who are sitting inside their comfort zone, step out of it if you want this afterburn.

    Afterburn is activated when the energy reserves in our body like glycogen get nearly drained. When we exercises brutally hard we drain our glycogen reserves, our ATP reserves and we drain some creatine from our muscles. In order to activate this afterburn effect one should work a little different in ones training time. I am not criticizing 10-20 mins cardio sessions, they do help burn some fat but they only burn when you are performing them.

    When you step down from treadmil after 20 mins of training session you stop burning you calories where as in after burn the calories burning mechanism can be kept elevated for even the next two days.

    Activate Afterburn

    In order to activate this after burn effect one should perform HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training). I explained HIIT in one my articles so to get detail information about it go have a view of that. So when a person performs exercises with bursts of energy for short duration like if you run all out for about 30 seconds then rest 10 seconds then run all out 30 sec then rest and do it again and again for you desired number of rounds or time, you trigger after burn effect. Simply perform any exercise you want all out for about 30 seconds then get a rest of 10 seconds then repeat it.

    Exercising like that is super difficult . I mean a beginner wont be able to do it for more than 5 rounds but it really is worth it. Your heart rate should be about 80% to 90% of your max heart rate so that after each round you would be feeling like your heart is about to make its way out blasting your chest but it wont anyways. So this style of training will be super difficult to perform but it can keep your metabolism elevated for a day or two or only some hours depending upon the intensity with which you performed your exercises

    How Much Afterburn Lasts

    So how much does this after burn effect lasts. Well it is not constant . It can range from an hour to 3 days. Lets figure out on which factors does this after burn effect depends so that you can get the most out of it. It depends upon the exercise intensity, duration, gender and you age. Leave the gender and age as we have no control over them . So as we see if we increase our workout intensity and duration we get more and more after burn. More bursts of all out exercise combined with small rest periods will really elevate this after burn effect.

    So in order to keep this after burn for 2 to 3 days then perform any 30 seconds all out exercise with 10 second rest for about as much rounds as you can. Please don’t die during this. Keep it to a limit. Don’t over push yourself so that you end up over training yourself. Do as much rounds as possible before you faint away. For beginners do it only 2 to 3 times a week no more ok.

    As this really stresses the body so don’t over do it. You can gradually increase the intensity after some time but if you are starting it for the first time then only keep it 2-3 times a week. Remember excess of everything is bad so don’t get yourself burned by this afterburn effect. Stay safe.

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    Cheap In Price And Rich In Protein Sources

    In this article we would be covering some easily approachable and cheap sources of protein. In order to build some muscles we need to increase our protein consumption. Today we would be covering some easily available protein sources besides supplements. Now lets get started.

    Egg Protein

    egg protein

    One of the source of protein I think deserves special attention are chicken eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein. I don’t think so there would be a bodybuilder who would deny the benefits of eggs. Eggs are one of the cheapest source of protein one can use . Lets see what makes the eggs worth it. One large boiled egg contains around 80 kcalls. Out of which 24 kcalls comes from pure protein and the other calories from fats.

    Now eggs do contain carbohydrate content but only 0.6% so lets forget it . Now a common misconception widespread about eggs is that only eat the white part and throw away the yolk. Don’t do that. Let me give you an explanation then you decide whether to keep the yolk or to throw it. The yolk has around roughly 35% to 40% of total protein in the egg.

    So throwing away the yolk reduces the protein content by as much as 40%. For those who throw away the innocent yolks let me tell you why you should keep the yolk. Egg yolk contains good fats or the unsaturated fats. These fats are fats and they are supposed to make us fat but these fats are important for the production of important hormones like testosterones and HGH( Human Growth Hormones). These two hormones help us burn fat, Build muscle and increasing bone density along with boosting our sexual life

    Chicken Protein

    egg protein

    It’s time have our eyes on the chicken. One of the cheapest and richest source of protein. Chicken has been the favourite food of bodybuilder because of its rich protein content and it is the cheapest source among all of these sources one can easily fulfill the protein requirements. Here we would be talking about the boneless chest piece of chicken only because that contains most of the protein. Lets see what makes this chicken worth it. 100 grams of this boneless chicken has around 30 grams of proteins.

    That is too much as compared to any source of protein out there .The best part is that the calorie count is also very low. Only 165 kcalls per 100 gram of boneless chicken. Now lets see how much calories come from protein which are in fact I say good calories. Out of 165 kcalls 120 comes from protein. See that’s what makes the chicken really worth it. 100 grams of boneless chicken gives us around only 3 grams to 4 grams of fat. So you see chicken wont make you fat ever. its the best muscle building package.

    Dairy Protein

    dairy protein

    Dairy products deserve special attention too when we are talking about some protein. There fat content is a bit higher than the chicken or egg but they really do make some great sources of protein. Starting out from Milk. Milk is one of the healthiest drink. Now many people get confused what kind of milk, low fat or almond or what. Well the answer is simple. Milk straight outta tits.

    Its that simple. Just drink the milk don’t worry about 5-10 kcalls they don’t make a big difference. One full glass of milk has around 7 grams of protein however the fat content may vary but if you getting it straight out of tities then no worry it is healthy. For muscle building milk is one of the best source. Lets cover some yogurt now. Yogurt contains around 10 grams of protein per 100 grams of yogurt. Its a good choice tho.

    The calorie count is also low around 60 kcalls in 100 grams yogurt so its better. Now if you are just bulking up and you want to add muscle along with some fat then cheese might be a good option but i personally dont recommend eating cheese on a daily basis because it contains more fat and it ain’t good for daily use. On your cheat days clean out the cheese reserves but don’t eat it on daily basis or you would end up like a fat cheese.

    Water Protein

    water protein

    Let’s cover some proteins from water. By water I mean fish not water. Fish can serve us a great source of protein. Lets have a look into what makes these creatures worth it. On average lets observe this salmon. It yields around 20 grams of protein for about 100 grams of salmon. And the calorie count is low too like 200 kcalls for about 100 grams of salmon, not a bad deal dear. However the fat content is not too good. 12 grams of fats from 100 grams of salmon. So it depends upon your goal. If you are loosing fat for entering a bodybuilding competition then these 12 grams of fat can be a problem for you but if you just wanna add some muscles without worrying too much about fat then its ok to let this fish get in to your tummy.

    Cattle Protein

    meat protein

    Let’s not forget them lazy cattle. We can eat them too. Just because they are lazy doesn’t mean we ignore them from our fast lives. 100 grams of beef yields around 25 grams of protein. Sounds a great deal but the fat content not so good. As expected from a lazy thing. Every lazy creature got some fat so do these cattle. On 100 grams of beef it contains around 15 grams of fat making the calorie count 250 grams for 100 grams of beef. Again I say if its your mass building season then this is a good deal but if you are loosing fat it is not a very good deal. It will help us getting our protein intakes in but the fat content is a bit messy.

    Lentils,beans and nuts help too. They serve as a great source of protein but as the title was easy sources so I mentioned all of the easily available protein sources and I personally use most of them and results are amazing. Keep it natty brah and you would be in amazing shape soon.

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    List Of Must Have Gym Gears

    gym gears

    Today we would be covering some of the gym gears which I believe are necessary for the best performance. What are gym gears? well gym gears are the stuff which helps you in your fitness journey and you bring them with yourself in the gym. Some of them optimize our performance while others are just a show off. Now lets see which gym gears are better to keep an eye on.

    gym gears

    Gym Bag

    Starting with the gym bag. When I started bodybuilding I ignored this thing but believe me its very important. When you go to the gym bring with yourself, a big bag. If you don’t have one you can buy that or if you cant buy one use any bag, a school bag would help too. Remember you need it because of its importance not because of it’s show off. Well now you got the gym bag what to put in it. For basic or medium pace bodybuilders , specially teen like me well i say keep a towel, a water bottle, Gloves, Straps, belt and arm blaster. These are basic things. If you prefer supplements, you can keep some supplements in your bag but as for me i do it without supplements so the one i described above is my gym bag actually and it helps me really well. Now lets cover each individual item mentioned in the gym bag

    Gym Towel

    Moving on to the towel. Man its necessary. Sweating is good . I appreciate your hard work but would you please wipe out some sweat from your face and stop dripping on benches and other things. Like really people please just don’t drip here and there. Use a towel. Even if it wont directly enhance your progress in the gym but it can bring up the mood of some other person which can better their progress. So help others too.

    Water Bottle

    A water bottle is a necessary thing. Some of the old mythical bodybuilder often come to me at the gym and say don’t drink water during work out hours. Don’t listen to them. If you just sip some of it during exercise breaks it will give you some energy provided you don’t get in the whole bottle down that would have a negative effect. So let me tell you water is the best thing to bring back your energy at the gym. Don’t drink too much but sipping some of the water during exercise breaks can really help

    Gym Gloves

    Moving on to the gloves. Gloves are a bit showy thing I think. They do help well but there is a negative side to them which doesn’t make them worth it. Lets cover the positive side first. when you wear a glove it shows that this guy got some serious power, he is about smash some weight and he is gonna take over the gym. They also help keeping your hands clean and free from calluses but i think hard hand and some calluses are good. They show you worked hard for it . If you don’t like them then you can wear it but first see the negative side so that it maybe easier for you to decide. When we wear a glove we get an extra layer of leather over our palm which in turn makes our grip fat or wider.

    Due to this wide grip in most of the exercise we quit because of lack in grip instead of the muscle we are dealing with. Fat or wider grip is good for forearm but sometimes we gotta hit some other muscle groups too. while lifting heavy weights grip play an important part so gloves fail when it comes to lifting heavy weights.

    Gym Straps

    Now its time to cover straps. These weightlifting straps are great. Cheap and easy to use. Straps help in most of the deadly pulling compound exercises like deadlifts and bent over rowing etc. They really increase the grip strength which really help optimize the performance. One of the benefit of these straps is that if you rap them around your palm and wrist like a boxer then they prevent the excessive range of motion of wrist hence keeping your wrist joint perfectly fine. As this wrist joint is under tension all the time in the gym so its better to make it safe with straps.

    Weightlifting Belt

    Weightlifting belt is one the important gear.Mostly it is used on leg day and back day. I wrote a whole article on the weight lifting belt last week so better check that and get your views cleared on the importance of weight lifting belt.

    Arm Blaster

    Last but not least we have the arm blaster. It is not that much important as it only helps with some of the bicep exercises but for biceps it is brutally helpful. The way it isolate those biceps really blast them. For biceps this is the only thing. If you want some really big ass biceps then better find yourself an arm blaster.

    So better get yourself a gym bag and get in the things you want but one thing I want to share with you is that keep an eye on your gym bag. It is the most important thing. I got my water bottle stolen last month. So keep an eye on your bag and if someone is stealing your bag then give them some good dose of your gym gains.

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    Factors That Boost Muscle Growth-Build Big Muscles Now

    big muscles

    In this article today we would cover detailed information about building some of the muscles. We would explore all the possible ways by which we can build some serious muscles while keeping it as simple as possible. Now lets get started.

    What Makes The Muscles Grow?

    Ever wondered what makes the muscle grow? well the answer is not pretty simple. Many people when listen about muscle shout protein as like the protein they eat gets converted to muscle. It’s not that simple.

    When we train with some weight our muscle fibers get damaged and that’s where the nutrition kicks in and we get some serious muscles. That’s the briefest explanation one could ever give and believe me with that explanation you wont be reaching anywhere. The more you know the more you grow. So today we would cover almost every aspect which would help us in building muscles.

    Factors Boosting Muscle Growth

    1) Pump

    Starting with the pump. Now many of you already know what is a muscle pump but for those fellows who don’t know what is a muscle pump let me explain it to you. When you enter the gym you pick up some light weights and warm yourself or desire muscle group with that. As you perform more and more exercises with some light weight with shorter rest periods it starts to fill the muscle with more and more blood.

    Now as you do some more exercises of the desired muscle group for the pump with lighter weight and higher reps, keeping the rest periods as low as possible so it draws more and more blood which in turn increases the size of muscle as it gets bloated up. So that is known as a muscle pump. Alot of people when get into the gym, just do little to no warm up and start their workout specially the newbies.

    They end up injuring their bodies or even if they don’t injure they brutally waste their time in the gym. In order to build some serious muscles in the gym one way is to get the pump before the workout. How does it helps well let me tell you. Before that remember one thing your body is actually more smarter than you are so it knows how to play better so be careful.

    When we get a pump on our desired muscle group it signals the body that that more blood is loaded in the muscles and this muscle is about to lift up some heavy weights which in turn makes it prepared for some heavy weights. That helps to prevent injuries and when the muscle is prepared you can actually feel it through the range of motion creating a better mind muscle connection and in the end it help building some muscles.

    2) Heavy Weightlifting

    big muscles

    As we have already discussed one of the method that helps you build some serious muscle its time to move on the next one. The next one I am gonna tell you is that how lifting heavier weight would help building more and more muscles. Does our body really behaves differently when it encounter heavy or light weight? Yes. The answer is yes. It behaves differently.

    When we lift heavier weights we use fast twitch muscle fibers which are meant to be used in case when the load applied at the body is greater than normal and after lifting heavier weights for about 1-6 reps we damage the fast twitch muscle fibers. Now when we come home do some other daily life activities and when we sleep our body start repairing these fast twitch muscle fibers. In order to repair and increase the fast twitch muscle fibers our body releases some of the key hormones like testosterones which are responsible for the muscle building and fat loss.

    3) Rep Range

    Another great way I am gonna discuss here is how more reps help you building some more muscles . As we lift a weight for more reps like 8-12 reps then that falls on that medium weight category because one cannot simply lift heaviest weight for 8-12 reps. So when we lift some medium heavy weights we can shorten the rest periods which is impossible to shorten on the scenario of heavy weights. Shortening the rest periods incorporate more slow twitch fibers too as well as the main thing this technique does is that it builds up some lactic acid in the muscles.

    Have you ever wondered that when you lift for little bit more reps and really push it in the gym you get some burning sensation in your muscles. Well that is the lactic acid forming and that really helps the muscle. Don’t be scared by that burning unless its too much and you are on fire, but this lactic acid really helps alot making some serious muscles.

    One more thing the short rest periods causes, that it stresses the body more because the more energy is used . In return of the greater stress applied at the body our body releases more and more HGH (human growth hormone). HGH are well known for their effects of building muscles, burning fat and increasing bone density. One of most ideal hormones for bodybuilding after testosterones.

    4) All Out

    big muscles

    One thing which helps alot in muscle building is that one should go all out during their training hours. I see many people who are just not going all out because they are basically trying to save some energy for their next exercises. Its a mistake dear. In order to make some serious muscle gains one should go all out in each exercise , each set and each rep. Many people who start chatting in the gym don’t make muscles they are just not utilizing the most out of their training. Remember if you can talk with your gym partner during your exercises it means you are not really pushing your body against the limits. You are just limiting you body which can perform very well.

    5) Mindset

    Many people who just get in the gym and do exercise good but get failed because of their mind. In bodybuilding the mind fails earlier than the body. That is true no doubt about it. When we start and exercise with some heavy weights. Lets say we just did five reps with those weights but suddenly our mind signals that oh dear you cant do more and look you did five reps which are no joke you did very well and now that you have already started to feel some good sensations in your muscles its time to throw these weights away.

    When we listen about that kind of bullshit from our mind we loose our more incoming precious gains. Our bodies really have some serious potential and if we try to push it beyond its limit its easier as compared to the mind because mind gives up before body. Don’t let your mind stop you. When you cant even perform a single rep and your muscles are burning like they are straight outta hell then it means you have shut your minds and did some really great training.

    6) Overtraining

    big muscles

    Many people who get ready to push and risk it all in the gym starts to fear one thing. Over training. They think oh if i really push it in the gym and don’t hear my mind and just keep smashing my weights then I would end up over training. So many people, even after a slight gym session when they get home study about over training they see that all the symptoms listed on the internet are all already present in them so they assume that they had over trained and now they have cancer and soon they would be facing heart attacks.

    Believe me internet really exaggerate the things specially when it comes to symptoms. Over training is not an easy thing. Even if you really push it in the gym chances are you wont be over training. Our bodies have so much more potential than we think. So if we workout like one hour on daily basis and some day when we workout for more than an hour we think we over trained . Well you don’t over train like that so don’t think too much about it . Chances are you wont encounter it but if you really think that your body is behaving very differently then you can research more about over training but on normal daily basis don’t worry about it. Most of the time we under train not over train.

    7) Compound Exercises

    Exercises are the main things when it comes to building muscles. They are basically of two types. The compound exercises and the isolation exercises . The compound exercises are those in which you utilize more than one joint or in the simplest term you use more than one muscle group whereas the isolation exercises are those in which you utilize only one joint or you use only one muscles group. For example in bench press we utilize the chest, triceps and shoulder muscle groups where as in bicep curls we are only moving through the elbow joint and working on biceps alone.

    So how does these two make an effect on your muscle growth? Well compound exercises use more muscles so they drain more energy which in turn stresses the body more. The greater the stress applied the greater the muscle growth occurs. Where as the isolation exercises focus on a single muscle group therefore they don’t stress out the body much however they are necessary for shaping as they focus on a single muscle group they shape that muscle group well.

    8) Avoid Plateau

    What if you are doing all the above mentioned tricks but still getting no result. Well there is a name in bodybuilding for this kind of rubbish phenomenon. Its called the plateau . Well you might be thinking what is this plateau let me clear it. Plateau is when our muscles get used to the kind of training we do in our day to day life so they become a routine for body instead of building the body. So when we hit the plateau, we don’t grow.

    It’s like going to the gym then coming back home wasting some hours. So how you find out you have been successfully affected by this plateau thing ? well its simple. If you don’t see some noticeable changes in you physique for about 3 months then it means you just hit the plateau. So how do you come out of it. Its simple, however it would take more effort.

    One the best way to combat this plateau is to change your weight lifting routine. Change the weights you lift. Go up. Lift some more heavier weights, change you gym times and training style like if you use so much momentum during lifting weight then change the style and use slow motion lifting. . Either increase or decrease the weight and change the rep ranges in order to escape this plateau thing. This plateau is caused when we just lift same things each day so our body gets comfortable with it . So keep it changing throughout the years so that you grow.

    8) Recovery

    One more thing which controls most of the muscle growth is the nutrition and the sleep or recovery . Even if you are performing great on those training style but if you lack on this one believe me you loose. Wanna know more about this nutrition and sleep then read my previous article on them. I explained every thing there so better have a look at that.

    9) Special Cardio

    Now let’s talk about whether cardio can make you lose some muscles or it could actually help you gain some muscle mass. There is a type of cardio I want you to know about that which would really help you build some muscle and loose some fat at the same time. That is known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I wont discuss other cardio types because they are all meant to loose fat but this one really helps building some muscles.

    Just as the name say high intensity interval training it is a technique in which a person performs exercise using all of their energy for about half a minute and then take a rest of about 10-20 second then again performs that exercises for as much round as one wants. Now this style of cardio really burns the whole body down and damn it really is difficult but it is totally worth it. For example sprinting. So if you wanna perform some HIIT , then start by say running( you can use whatever cardio u like either burpee or running etc) . When you start running go all out running for about 30 seconds and on the last second you should feel like you would fall anytime which shows you that one should use all the energy then rest for about 10-20 seconds. Then repeat it again and again for as much rounds as you want. Don’t let the mind stop you.

    Last thing I wanna say is don’t just waste your time in the gym. When you lift weight make that exercises count. Don’t just go through the motions. Feel the sensation of your muscles. Create a strong mind muscle connection and really feel through the motions. Don’t lift for you ego, don’t use momentum to execute lifts. Lift for your body not ego. Make every set and every rep count.

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