Burn Insane Amount Of Fat With Science-Afterburn Effect

Intro To Afterburn


Is there a way we can lose some fat while resting, watching the television or doing any thing we want?. Yes there is a way and in order to burn calories while resting or watching a movie sitting on your couch, you must do some thing in your training time that has a long lasting effect on your metabolism. Its called the After burn effect.

As the name implies that it is after burn, the word after shows that it occurs after you finish your exercise. Lets understand some of basics here. When you step on a treadmill or cycle or even you do any kind of exercise; you start burning calories. Our body burns these calories to supply our bodies with energy.

As you see you would be only burning those calories when you are in a state of exercise for instance you would be burning only when you are walking and when you stop your walk you stop burning calories. However there is a way that even after you stop you exercise you still be getting the same benefits. Your body would be burning calories even though you have finished your exercises hours ago.

That is ladies and gentlemen After burn effect for you. Let’s understand some of the science behind it first then we would figure out ways to incorporate it in your training routine.


Scientifically this afterburn effect is known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” abbreviated as EPOC. Simple and easy explanation for this afterburn effect or EPOC is that when we exercise brutally our body gets drained from energy reserves.

In order to compensate for the extreme energy lose our body increase its oxygen consumption which in turn speed up our metabolism and we all know metabolism is what burns the fat. So that’s how science explains it by making oxygen our hero.

Benefits of Afterburn

This afterburn burn effect has so much benefits like increased fat loss in minimum time and keeping the elevated metabolism for the next day or even two. Now you might be thinking man I gotta do this afterburn but it all comes at a cost. The cost is that we have to step out of our comfort zones. For all the people who already stepped out of their comfort zones and are working really hard for their desired fitness goal believe me guys you are the true winners and for you it wont be a problem. Those who are sitting inside their comfort zone, step out of it if you want this afterburn.

Afterburn is activated when the energy reserves in our body like glycogen get nearly drained. When we exercises brutally hard we drain our glycogen reserves, our ATP reserves and we drain some creatine from our muscles. In order to activate this afterburn effect one should work a little different in ones training time. I am not criticizing 10-20 mins cardio sessions, they do help burn some fat but they only burn when you are performing them.

When you step down from treadmil after 20 mins of training session you stop burning you calories where as in after burn the calories burning mechanism can be kept elevated for even the next two days.

Activate Afterburn

In order to activate this after burn effect one should perform HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training). I explained HIIT in one my articles so to get detail information about it go have a view of that. So when a person performs exercises with bursts of energy for short duration like if you run all out for about 30 seconds then rest 10 seconds then run all out 30 sec then rest and do it again and again for you desired number of rounds or time, you trigger after burn effect. Simply perform any exercise you want all out for about 30 seconds then get a rest of 10 seconds then repeat it.

Exercising like that is super difficult . I mean a beginner wont be able to do it for more than 5 rounds but it really is worth it. Your heart rate should be about 80% to 90% of your max heart rate so that after each round you would be feeling like your heart is about to make its way out blasting your chest but it wont anyways. So this style of training will be super difficult to perform but it can keep your metabolism elevated for a day or two or only some hours depending upon the intensity with which you performed your exercises

How Much Afterburn Lasts

So how much does this after burn effect lasts. Well it is not constant . It can range from an hour to 3 days. Lets figure out on which factors does this after burn effect depends so that you can get the most out of it. It depends upon the exercise intensity, duration, gender and you age. Leave the gender and age as we have no control over them . So as we see if we increase our workout intensity and duration we get more and more after burn. More bursts of all out exercise combined with small rest periods will really elevate this after burn effect.

So in order to keep this after burn for 2 to 3 days then perform any 30 seconds all out exercise with 10 second rest for about as much rounds as you can. Please don’t die during this. Keep it to a limit. Don’t over push yourself so that you end up over training yourself. Do as much rounds as possible before you faint away. For beginners do it only 2 to 3 times a week no more ok.

As this really stresses the body so don’t over do it. You can gradually increase the intensity after some time but if you are starting it for the first time then only keep it 2-3 times a week. Remember excess of everything is bad so don’t get yourself burned by this afterburn effect. Stay safe.

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