Balance Your Macro-nutrients For A Defined Physique


In order to have a well defined symmetric physique we need to have a well defined balance among the macro nutrients in our diet. First lets talk about what are these macro nutrients. Well macro nutrients are Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.

They are necessary for the survival of human beings. Our bodies need them to work properly and uses them as an energy source. But they are divided into three categories for a reason. Not all the macro nutrients works same. We need to use them in well defined quantities according to our own fitness goals.

Like if we want to gain some muscles we have to change their consumption ratio and cant expect to lose the fat with keeping the same consumption ratio we had when we were trying to gain. Its time to divide them all and study each one individually and then I will tell you how you can balance them in your diet to achieve your goal physique


Starting with the Proteins. Well proteins are amino acids our body requires to build tissue. Proteins are used by our bodies to repair and to build the muscle tissue. I don’t want to go to all those biological details about what is the structure of protein and blah blah so lets stick to the basics so that we can help ourselves.

Proteins are produced in our body but in a small amount so we need more of them. specially the essentials one which our body can not produce. The calories 1 gram of protein yields are 4. The calorie count is low which means we can consume more and more proteins without raising too much calorie count.

One of the reasons what makes the proteins stand out among carbohydrates and fats is its ability to make muscles and lose fat. If we consume more proteins we will be likely loosing fats and building some muscles.


Lets talk about the fats now. Fats are high density macro nutrients. Well what does that high density means? well let me clear you. 1 gram of fat yields 9 calories . So you see that’s what that high density means.

As the calorie count is very high we have to be careful about consuming fats because if we don’t pay special attention to it we would end up getting fat. Fat is not an evil thing instead our body need the good fats to release some of the main hormones responsible for building muscles, burning fat and increasing the bone density.

Some of the good fats are olive oil, peanut butter etc. But that does not mean we can consume more and more good fat thinking it would help but it will destroy our physiques. Our body does need fat to use it as an energy source and its the same fat we want to get rid of but our body need it so we have to feed our bodies carefully with it so that it does not harm us


Its time for the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the macro nutrients our bodies need for energy. Like Proteins they have low calorie count i-e 1 gram of carbohydrate yields 4 calories so we can consume them a bit more in our diet so that we don’t surpass our calorie counts.

Like fat we have to keep them in balance so that they give us all the energy we want to perform our day to day tasks but if we end up consuming more and more carbohydrates our body will store the excess energy in the form of fat and will store it in our bodies. Carbohydrates are important for the proper functioning of our bodies so never cut them all.

With low level of carbohydrates in our diet we will be facing low energy levels, slow metabolism and mood swings and some other things too. So this one is important class of macro nutrients and as some of the old myths say to completely avoid carbohydrate well i say never do that you would end up ruining your physique

Wrapping It All Up

So that sums up some of the basics about the macro nutrients but how do you use them all in definite amounts to get that physique you want. Well that’s easy. Remember using more proteins would result in more muscles and less fat so its one the ideal macro nutrient so try to consume it almost all your meals.

All your diet in the whole day should contain about more than 40% of protein if you want to gain muscles. Burning fat is a slow and second function of protein and that’s not a quick process rather a slow process. So consume more that 40% of protein if you want to build some big muscles.

Now as far as the carbohydrates are concerned consume them about your fitness goal. As a general rule 30% or more of your diet should contain this macro nutrient. Eating it in larger amounts would make you gain some fat.

Last we got fats. I recommend that all your day’s diet should have 20-30% fats because they are important for day to day activities. Use good fats from sources like nuts etc and use olive oil that is better than all other.

So if you wanna get healthier increase the proteins and carbs, if you wanna lose some weight lower your carbohydrate and fat consumption and a little bit proteins too .. no matter what type of physique you want don’t consume more fats ..You will end up gaining fat so try to control your diet with proteins and carbohydrates while keeping the fats to 20-30% as they are calorie dense.

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