Factors That Boost Muscle Growth-Build Big Muscles Now

In this article today we would cover detailed information about building some of the muscles. We would explore all the possible ways by which we can build some serious muscles while keeping it as simple as possible. Now lets get started.

What Makes The Muscles Grow?

Ever wondered what makes the muscle grow? well the answer is not pretty simple. Many people when listen about muscle shout protein as like the protein they eat gets converted to muscle. It’s not that simple.

When we train with some weight our muscle fibers get damaged and that’s where the nutrition kicks in and we get some serious muscles. That’s the briefest explanation one could ever give and believe me with that explanation you wont be reaching anywhere. The more you know the more you grow. So today we would cover almost every aspect which would help us in building muscles.

Factors Boosting Muscle Growth

1) Pump

Starting with the pump. Now many of you already know what is a muscle pump but for those fellows who don’t know what is a muscle pump let me explain it to you. When you enter the gym you pick up some light weights and warm yourself or desire muscle group with that. As you perform more and more exercises with some light weight with shorter rest periods it starts to fill the muscle with more and more blood.

Now as you do some more exercises of the desired muscle group for the pump with lighter weight and higher reps, keeping the rest periods as low as possible so it draws more and more blood which in turn increases the size of muscle as it gets bloated up. So that is known as a muscle pump. Alot of people when get into the gym, just do little to no warm up and start their workout specially the newbies.

They end up injuring their bodies or even if they don’t injure they brutally waste their time in the gym. In order to build some serious muscles in the gym one way is to get the pump before the workout. How does it helps well let me tell you. Before that remember one thing your body is actually more smarter than you are so it knows how to play better so be careful.

When we get a pump on our desired muscle group it signals the body that that more blood is loaded in the muscles and this muscle is about to lift up some heavy weights which in turn makes it prepared for some heavy weights. That helps to prevent injuries and when the muscle is prepared you can actually feel it through the range of motion creating a better mind muscle connection and in the end it help building some muscles.

2) Heavy Weightlifting

big muscles

As we have already discussed one of the method that helps you build some serious muscle its time to move on the next one. The next one I am gonna tell you is that how lifting heavier weight would help building more and more muscles. Does our body really behaves differently when it encounter heavy or light weight? Yes. The answer is yes. It behaves differently.

When we lift heavier weights we use fast twitch muscle fibers which are meant to be used in case when the load applied at the body is greater than normal and after lifting heavier weights for about 1-6 reps we damage the fast twitch muscle fibers. Now when we come home do some other daily life activities and when we sleep our body start repairing these fast twitch muscle fibers. In order to repair and increase the fast twitch muscle fibers our body releases some of the key hormones like testosterones which are responsible for the muscle building and fat loss.

3) Rep Range

Another great way I am gonna discuss here is how more reps help you building some more muscles . As we lift a weight for more reps like 8-12 reps then that falls on that medium weight category because one cannot simply lift heaviest weight for 8-12 reps. So when we lift some medium heavy weights we can shorten the rest periods which is impossible to shorten on the scenario of heavy weights. Shortening the rest periods incorporate more slow twitch fibers too as well as the main thing this technique does is that it builds up some lactic acid in the muscles.

Have you ever wondered that when you lift for little bit more reps and really push it in the gym you get some burning sensation in your muscles. Well that is the lactic acid forming and that really helps the muscle. Don’t be scared by that burning unless its too much and you are on fire, but this lactic acid really helps alot making some serious muscles.

One more thing the short rest periods causes, that it stresses the body more because the more energy is used . In return of the greater stress applied at the body our body releases more and more HGH (human growth hormone). HGH are well known for their effects of building muscles, burning fat and increasing bone density. One of most ideal hormones for bodybuilding after testosterones.

4) All Out

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One thing which helps alot in muscle building is that one should go all out during their training hours. I see many people who are just not going all out because they are basically trying to save some energy for their next exercises. Its a mistake dear. In order to make some serious muscle gains one should go all out in each exercise , each set and each rep. Many people who start chatting in the gym don’t make muscles they are just not utilizing the most out of their training. Remember if you can talk with your gym partner during your exercises it means you are not really pushing your body against the limits. You are just limiting you body which can perform very well.

5) Mindset

Many people who just get in the gym and do exercise good but get failed because of their mind. In bodybuilding the mind fails earlier than the body. That is true no doubt about it. When we start and exercise with some heavy weights. Lets say we just did five reps with those weights but suddenly our mind signals that oh dear you cant do more and look you did five reps which are no joke you did very well and now that you have already started to feel some good sensations in your muscles its time to throw these weights away.

When we listen about that kind of bullshit from our mind we loose our more incoming precious gains. Our bodies really have some serious potential and if we try to push it beyond its limit its easier as compared to the mind because mind gives up before body. Don’t let your mind stop you. When you cant even perform a single rep and your muscles are burning like they are straight outta hell then it means you have shut your minds and did some really great training.

6) Overtraining

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Many people who get ready to push and risk it all in the gym starts to fear one thing. Over training. They think oh if i really push it in the gym and don’t hear my mind and just keep smashing my weights then I would end up over training. So many people, even after a slight gym session when they get home study about over training they see that all the symptoms listed on the internet are all already present in them so they assume that they had over trained and now they have cancer and soon they would be facing heart attacks.

Believe me internet really exaggerate the things specially when it comes to symptoms. Over training is not an easy thing. Even if you really push it in the gym chances are you wont be over training. Our bodies have so much more potential than we think. So if we workout like one hour on daily basis and some day when we workout for more than an hour we think we over trained . Well you don’t over train like that so don’t think too much about it . Chances are you wont encounter it but if you really think that your body is behaving very differently then you can research more about over training but on normal daily basis don’t worry about it. Most of the time we under train not over train.

7) Compound Exercises

Exercises are the main things when it comes to building muscles. They are basically of two types. The compound exercises and the isolation exercises . The compound exercises are those in which you utilize more than one joint or in the simplest term you use more than one muscle group whereas the isolation exercises are those in which you utilize only one joint or you use only one muscles group. For example in bench press we utilize the chest, triceps and shoulder muscle groups where as in bicep curls we are only moving through the elbow joint and working on biceps alone.

So how does these two make an effect on your muscle growth? Well compound exercises use more muscles so they drain more energy which in turn stresses the body more. The greater the stress applied the greater the muscle growth occurs. Where as the isolation exercises focus on a single muscle group therefore they don’t stress out the body much however they are necessary for shaping as they focus on a single muscle group they shape that muscle group well.

8) Avoid Plateau

What if you are doing all the above mentioned tricks but still getting no result. Well there is a name in bodybuilding for this kind of rubbish phenomenon. Its called the plateau . Well you might be thinking what is this plateau let me clear it. Plateau is when our muscles get used to the kind of training we do in our day to day life so they become a routine for body instead of building the body. So when we hit the plateau, we don’t grow.

It’s like going to the gym then coming back home wasting some hours. So how you find out you have been successfully affected by this plateau thing ? well its simple. If you don’t see some noticeable changes in you physique for about 3 months then it means you just hit the plateau. So how do you come out of it. Its simple, however it would take more effort.

One the best way to combat this plateau is to change your weight lifting routine. Change the weights you lift. Go up. Lift some more heavier weights, change you gym times and training style like if you use so much momentum during lifting weight then change the style and use slow motion lifting. . Either increase or decrease the weight and change the rep ranges in order to escape this plateau thing. This plateau is caused when we just lift same things each day so our body gets comfortable with it . So keep it changing throughout the years so that you grow.

8) Recovery

One more thing which controls most of the muscle growth is the nutrition and the sleep or recovery . Even if you are performing great on those training style but if you lack on this one believe me you loose. Wanna know more about this nutrition and sleep then read my previous article on them. I explained every thing there so better have a look at that.

9) Special Cardio

Now let’s talk about whether cardio can make you lose some muscles or it could actually help you gain some muscle mass. There is a type of cardio I want you to know about that which would really help you build some muscle and loose some fat at the same time. That is known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I wont discuss other cardio types because they are all meant to loose fat but this one really helps building some muscles.

Just as the name say high intensity interval training it is a technique in which a person performs exercise using all of their energy for about half a minute and then take a rest of about 10-20 second then again performs that exercises for as much round as one wants. Now this style of cardio really burns the whole body down and damn it really is difficult but it is totally worth it. For example sprinting. So if you wanna perform some HIIT , then start by say running( you can use whatever cardio u like either burpee or running etc) . When you start running go all out running for about 30 seconds and on the last second you should feel like you would fall anytime which shows you that one should use all the energy then rest for about 10-20 seconds. Then repeat it again and again for as much rounds as you want. Don’t let the mind stop you.

Last thing I wanna say is don’t just waste your time in the gym. When you lift weight make that exercises count. Don’t just go through the motions. Feel the sensation of your muscles. Create a strong mind muscle connection and really feel through the motions. Don’t lift for you ego, don’t use momentum to execute lifts. Lift for your body not ego. Make every set and every rep count.

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