Cardio Vs HIIT-What’s Better For Max Fat Loss?

Today we will be covering the two popular ways of loosing fat. One is the cardio and the other one is HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training). We would be covering their pros and cons and would find out which is best for you according to your lifestyle and your fitness goal. Lets get started.


Let’s cover the simple question first, basically what is this cardio?. Well cardio stands for cardiovascular. Any exercise which pumps up your heart rate falls under the category of cardio. Now by pumped heart rate I mean above than 60% of your max heart rate.

Most popular form of cardio is running. People run at a fast pace for as much time as they want and in the meantime they are burning more and more calories its that simple. The faster and longer you run the more calories you burn. It is one of the most common way to loose fat because all you need is to run , just like we all run from our responsibilities. Anyways one thing worth mentioning here is that cardio isn’t a specified exercise. Any exercises which gets your heart rate above 60% of your max heart can be regarded as cardio.



Now it’s time to look at HIIT. It stands for ( High Intensity Interval Training ). HIIT is basically a different way to perform cardio. In this form of cardio one does exercise by short bursts of energy for a smaller number of duration with smaller rest periods.

Let me clear it with an example. If you run all out for about 30 seconds then rest for about 10 seconds that completes one round of HIIT. After those 10 seconds of rest are over you start again running for 30 seconds and that is the starting of second round of HIIT. So that simple is HIIT.

Cardio Pros

Moving on to the pros of cardio. As compared to HIIT, cardio is a little bit easier to do. As for cardio one keeps the heart rate above 60% of the maximum heart rate so its a little bit easier to keep that much heart rate elevated as compared to HIIT in which your heart rate goes upto 90% of your maximum heart rate.

Cardio doesn’t tire us that much. We can run for about 10 to 20 mins in the morning and it will temporarily would effect us but we get better in 5 mins so its easier to incorporate it in your routine. Cardio burns a decent amount of calories and if you have a goal of normal physique cardio would help you. It helps keeping your overall health good by supplying each cell with oxygen so its good for overall better health.

Cardio Cons

It’s cons time now. Cardio takes time. For example even to burn around 100 calories you must walk for more than 10 minutes. So its a time consuming process. If you have a goal of burning 300-500 calories than I don’t think you can run for more than half an hour. For people to whom time is precious it you need to incorporate it in your routine carefully.

Cardio burns less calories than HIIT workout. Cardio can make you bore during working out. Like if you are running on a treadmill for about 20 minutes than you are most likely to get bore. It isn’t exciting. Cardio burns the muscles too. So its not all the fat you are burning, some of the muscles burn too with a fast pace cardio.


Time to cover the Pros of HIIT. One of the best feature of HIIT is its ability to burn insane amount of calories. Like a 5-8 minutes properly executed HIIT workout can make you burn more than 200kcalls. Its ability to elevate the metabolism for next 2-3 days is absolutely stunning. HIIT saves the time.

For people who have less time they can simply do HIIT and get more calories burned than the would ever get from cardio. HIIT doesn’t burns muscles, infact it helps growing the muscles


Time to see cons. HIIT is super hard. It ain’t easy shit. Its brutal. After 2-3 rounds its like your heart will pop out of your chest and you really get drained to a point when you start getting dizzy. It effects our central nervous system hard so we need days to recover from it due to which we can not do it for more than 3 times in a week.Its ability to completely drains ones energy is devasting. After a Fully well executed session of HIIT a person is worn out.

So as we see both of these training styles have their pros and cons. To decide whether to follow cardio or HIIT one should think about their goal physique and their lifestyle. If you have time and want a normal looking physique i suggest do cardio for achieving the desired physique.

What To Go For?

If you want a professional type physique than go for HIIT. The bigger your goals the more you gotta work hard. If you have plenty of time then cardio is a better option but depends if you want to save muscles or not. Cardio can burn muscle real quick if it is done for more than 20 mins so if you do cardio more than 20 minutes you are most likely burning muscle instead of fat. Find for yourself what suits you.

Be Careful

Don’t overdo it. There is a limit to both. For HIIT only do it 2-3 times a week and for cardio, well you can do cardio daily but not more than 20 mins at a time. Split it up if want to do cardio for more than an hour. Always do a decent warm up before doing any of those.

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