Cheap In Price And Rich In Protein Sources

In this article we would be covering some easily approachable and cheap sources of protein. In order to build some muscles we need to increase our protein consumption. Today we would be covering some easily available protein sources besides supplements. Now lets get started.

Egg Protein

egg protein

One of the source of protein I think deserves special attention are chicken eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein. I don’t think so there would be a bodybuilder who would deny the benefits of eggs. Eggs are one of the cheapest source of protein one can use . Lets see what makes the eggs worth it. One large boiled egg contains around 80 kcalls. Out of which 24 kcalls comes from pure protein and the other calories from fats.

Now eggs do contain carbohydrate content but only 0.6% so lets forget it . Now a common misconception widespread about eggs is that only eat the white part and throw away the yolk. Don’t do that. Let me give you an explanation then you decide whether to keep the yolk or to throw it. The yolk has around roughly 35% to 40% of total protein in the egg.

So throwing away the yolk reduces the protein content by as much as 40%. For those who throw away the innocent yolks let me tell you why you should keep the yolk. Egg yolk contains good fats or the unsaturated fats. These fats are fats and they are supposed to make us fat but these fats are important for the production of important hormones like testosterones and HGH( Human Growth Hormones). These two hormones help us burn fat, Build muscle and increasing bone density along with boosting our sexual life

Chicken Protein

egg protein

It’s time have our eyes on the chicken. One of the cheapest and richest source of protein. Chicken has been the favourite food of bodybuilder because of its rich protein content and it is the cheapest source among all of these sources one can easily fulfill the protein requirements. Here we would be talking about the boneless chest piece of chicken only because that contains most of the protein. Lets see what makes this chicken worth it. 100 grams of this boneless chicken has around 30 grams of proteins.

That is too much as compared to any source of protein out there .The best part is that the calorie count is also very low. Only 165 kcalls per 100 gram of boneless chicken. Now lets see how much calories come from protein which are in fact I say good calories. Out of 165 kcalls 120 comes from protein. See that’s what makes the chicken really worth it. 100 grams of boneless chicken gives us around only 3 grams to 4 grams of fat. So you see chicken wont make you fat ever. its the best muscle building package.

Dairy Protein

dairy protein

Dairy products deserve special attention too when we are talking about some protein. There fat content is a bit higher than the chicken or egg but they really do make some great sources of protein. Starting out from Milk. Milk is one of the healthiest drink. Now many people get confused what kind of milk, low fat or almond or what. Well the answer is simple. Milk straight outta tits.

Its that simple. Just drink the milk don’t worry about 5-10 kcalls they don’t make a big difference. One full glass of milk has around 7 grams of protein however the fat content may vary but if you getting it straight out of tities then no worry it is healthy. For muscle building milk is one of the best source. Lets cover some yogurt now. Yogurt contains around 10 grams of protein per 100 grams of yogurt. Its a good choice tho.

The calorie count is also low around 60 kcalls in 100 grams yogurt so its better. Now if you are just bulking up and you want to add muscle along with some fat then cheese might be a good option but i personally dont recommend eating cheese on a daily basis because it contains more fat and it ain’t good for daily use. On your cheat days clean out the cheese reserves but don’t eat it on daily basis or you would end up like a fat cheese.

Water Protein

water protein

Let’s cover some proteins from water. By water I mean fish not water. Fish can serve us a great source of protein. Lets have a look into what makes these creatures worth it. On average lets observe this salmon. It yields around 20 grams of protein for about 100 grams of salmon. And the calorie count is low too like 200 kcalls for about 100 grams of salmon, not a bad deal dear. However the fat content is not too good. 12 grams of fats from 100 grams of salmon. So it depends upon your goal. If you are loosing fat for entering a bodybuilding competition then these 12 grams of fat can be a problem for you but if you just wanna add some muscles without worrying too much about fat then its ok to let this fish get in to your tummy.

Cattle Protein

meat protein

Let’s not forget them lazy cattle. We can eat them too. Just because they are lazy doesn’t mean we ignore them from our fast lives. 100 grams of beef yields around 25 grams of protein. Sounds a great deal but the fat content not so good. As expected from a lazy thing. Every lazy creature got some fat so do these cattle. On 100 grams of beef it contains around 15 grams of fat making the calorie count 250 grams for 100 grams of beef. Again I say if its your mass building season then this is a good deal but if you are loosing fat it is not a very good deal. It will help us getting our protein intakes in but the fat content is a bit messy.

Lentils,beans and nuts help too. They serve as a great source of protein but as the title was easy sources so I mentioned all of the easily available protein sources and I personally use most of them and results are amazing. Keep it natty brah and you would be in amazing shape soon.

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