Not All Exercises Are Same-Meet Compound Exercises

No matter if you are a professional athlete or a newbie , compound exercise are always there to help you the most. It doesn’t matter what is our fitness goal, either it may be muscle building or the fat loss or just toning body we all need these compound exercises.

So lets start from the fact that what are these compound exercise. Let me tell you it in the simplest form possible. A compound exercise is the one which requires more than one of your joints to take part in a single exercise or in other words a compound exercise is the one which uses multiple muscle groups at a single exercises. For example if we curl for biceps we are using our elbow joint only and using our biceps muscle group only but in a compound exercise we use multiple muscle groups at once.

Hormonal Response

As compound exercises execute more than one muscle groups at once so body need more and more energy to get all the muscles to work which in turns depletes our energy stores and stresses the body. In return of this great stressed applied on the body, our body releases some hormones like Testosterones and HGH (Human Growth Hormones).

What these hormones do? well they build muscles, burn fat , increase bone density and boost up our sexual life. So as you see compound exercises are the key to good physique . It does not means that we should always be doing compound exercises all the time. We must prioritize them in our workout regimen so that our hard work does not goes by the drain.

Now that sums up some of the basics of compound exercise now lets move onto some of the most deadliest compound exercises. There are three most bad ass compound exercises known for their enormous effect on the human physique. Because they are deadly it means we should always be paying very special attention to the form or we end up miserable. Injuries are pretty common thing and if you mess with these compound exercises without proper knowledge on how to execute them perfectly , you would end up injurious.

Dead Lift

Starting with the king of all compound exercises THE DEADLIFT. They are pretty deadly. If we execute them perfectly they are enough to deplete all our energy. But one of the most important thing about deadlift is that one should pay special attention to the form and use light weight first. Using heavy weight at the starting would wreck you back and back injury is the worst injury because back is pretty delicate. How you perform them . Well just load the bar with your desired weight. Get you hand on the bar shoulder width apart. You knees should be bent by right now. keep the back at an inclined angle and then execute all the muscles one by one. first use the legs then use your back to pull up the weight once done make yourself straight and then go back down. Congratulations you just your first deadlift. Watch some videos about how to deadlift properly. While doing deadlifts we require more rest between sets because the intense energy used but it.


Moving to the queen of all compound exercise. The Squat. This compound exercise executes almost all your muscles at once. Most people fear it because it uses Legs most and once you train legs it would be difficult to walk properly for next 2 days depending upon the intensity with which you trained legs. Not only these squats help us build some muscles and burn some fat they also help us to keep our knee joint healthy and our lower back healthy provided we perform them with the perfect form. On your journey to squats many people will stop you saying don’t do that it will give you knee injury or back injury or its difficult. Don’t listen. Just go the squat rack and start doing the squats. As they require a complex angle i recommend watching some video tutorials first then squatting.

Bench Press

Now its time for the mighty Bench Press. One of the most common exercise. Just because it is soo common as compared to the other two above which are pretty rare , doesn’t mean we should ignore it. Bench press utilize many muscles of the upper back and it is specially used for making a great chest. How you do it well its a simple exercise. Lie on a bench. Grab the bar according to the variation of bench press you are using and then up , down for your desired rep range. A wider grip slightly wider than the shoulder width is used for targeting the chest whereas a narrow one is used to target triceps which works side by side in many chest exercises.

Now that you know what are compound exercises and how do they work, its time to incorporate them in your workout regimen to get the most out of your training.

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