Basics of A Fat Loss Diet- What Should It Must Contain?

The Fat Loss Diet

fat loss diet

It’s time to talk about the most controversial topic. The fat loss diet. There are alot of views out there; alot of opinions and alot of researched. Instead of getting benefit from all those researches , people are getting depressed and not getting the results which were shown to them by their respected magazines.

In this article I will put the information about how should be your diet if you want to lose fat in the most simple terms. Don’t involve yourself with new researches. Follow what I am gonna tell you and see by yourself whether it works or not.

How To Make One?

Starting with how does one makes a diet that causes one to lose fat?. People often ask what should I introduce in my diet so that I start burning some fat. Well in order to burn some fat from diet you must create a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is basically consuming less calories than before. So how much calorie deficit one should think of in order to lose fat? well for the answer lets have a look at some of the maths involved.

Maths Behind

One pound of fat has around 3500 kilo calories. Again I say calories is a very small unit so we use kilo calories all the time as calories. So even when some one say calories he is talking about kilo calories. So a pound of fat has around 3500 kcalls. Now in order to lose one pound of fat one must simply burn 3500 kcalls. There are two ways of doings them . Number one is diet and number two is exercise. Today we will be covering diet only.

To start fat loss journey one must simply know the basic terms involve. One of them is BASAL METABOLIC RATE (BMR) which is the amount of calories your body burns in a day to perform all the vital functions. Its different for each individual. It depends upon factors like gender, height , weight etc so its different for every person. In order to control or burn the fat in your body you should simply consume less calories than your BMR. You can calculate your BMR from here .

Diet Must Have’s

Now what should be your diet which will help you in the most efficient way?. Answer not so simple so lets get deeper in it. There are basically three macronutrient our body needs to perform all the functions of our body. They are Proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In a fat loss diet you must balance them in such a way that they help you achieving your goal instead of giving you some fat.

Starting with the protein. Protein is one of the most important macronutrient and it really helps you increase the metabolism because of its thermogenic effect. So for a good fat loss diet, it should have around 40% or more of protein in it.

Carbohydrates are the next important macronutrients and should constitute about 30% or more of your total daily intake of macronutrients. Fats are the dangerous one so a fat loss diet should not have more than 20% of fat content in it. In one of my article ” THE MACRONUTRIENTS ” I explained all these things already in detail so have a view of that to clear some of the confusions you have .

fat loss diet

So lets finalize and think what foods to include in your fat loss diet. Here is a list of stuff I believe would really help you in your fat loss diet.
For proteins :- Chicken meat, Eggs, Beef, Milk, Yogurt, lentils and beans. They are all easy to get and provide best result. I just put the simple stuff, there are many other sources too but these worked out the most for me.
For Carbohydrates :- Oats, banana, Brown rice, Chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Beware of simple carbohydrates like sugars . They aren’t good. consume complex carbohydrates only for a fat loss diet. The above mentioned carbs are complex one and would keep you burn some fat.
For fat:- Olive oil, avocados and egg yolk. Peanut butter is also good but every time I eat that I cant stop myself so I end up eating all of that. If you can stop yourself then include that too.

As this fat loss topic is so vast so I just put everything I believed one should know to start fat loss journey. It will all take time. To be honest you wont be getting desired body shape before 2 months. So put in some 2 months hard work and you would be in your best possible shape. So just figure out to cover all the good stuff i mentioned above in your diet.

It not about the calorie deficit. It about how you create the calorie deficit. In your calorie deficit try to provide body with all the macronutrients , vitamins , minerals so that it doesn’t fade away. Don’t be cruel on your body. Eat healthy even if it creates a little calorie deficit than eating nothing at all. One more thing don’t starve. It would just wreck your body. In your fat loss diet try to consume every possible macronutrient , vitamin and mineral by keeping calorie count as much low as possible.

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