Your Guide To High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT )

What Is HIIT?


In this article we would be covering HIIT training. So let’s start from a simple question. What is HIIT. Well HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a type of training in which a person releases short but intense bursts of energy and now this form of training is known as the most effective training for fat loss and some muscle gains at the same time.

How To?

So how does one performs HIIT ?. Let me explain it to you. HIIT can be done by many ways either they be cardio or just body exercises but now lets cover the easiest and most common way to perform HIIT. That is running. If you have access to a treadmill then you can do it on treadmill but if you don’t have access to treadmill don’t worry you can just run in a nearby park or in your own neighborhood.

Before starting, have a decent warm up. Then start running for about 30 seconds. In these 30 seconds you must run all out and run as fast as you can utilizing all your energy at once. After these 30 seconds of running are done relax for about 10 seconds. Then after these 10 seconds start running all out for again 30 seconds. Repeat the whole thing again and again for as much as you can. I cannot do more than 10 rounds of those. So perform as many rounds as you can before fainting away.

Same for any kind of exercise or a combination of different exercises. One can perform HIIT with different body weight exercises like squats , pushups , pull ups and burpees. For body exercises I also have a plan for you. Do 10 seconds of push ups then do 10 seconds of squats then do 10 seconds of pull ups and then 10 seconds of burpees.

When you are done these 40 seconds of all out exercises rest for 10 to 20 seconds then start repeating the whole thing again and again for as much round as you want. So for those who easily find an excuse for not having treadmill or a good neighborhood, well you can perform High intensity interval training with body weight exercises anywhere and anytime so you got no excuses now.

Totally Worth It?

Let’s see what makes this High Intensity Interval Training worth it. If you analyze the physique of a sprinter, it is lean and muscular whereas the physique of a marathon runner is a skinny physique. So you see that HIIT helps you lose more fat and building more muscles at the same time. HIIT works by what is known as After burn effect which is also known as EPOC ( excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).


This after burn is the elevation caused in metabolism , which speed up the fat burning and can last some days. When we exercise like that, we drain up most of our energy. We end up draining ATP reserves which are bodies energy source as well as glycogen and creatine reserves too. So in order to compensate for all that energy losses our body needs to increase its oxygen consumption. This increase in oxygen consumption increases our metabolism.

Lose Fat

Now this increased metabolism may remain increased for the next 10 hours or maybe next 3 days. In this period of elevated metabolism you would be burning more calories. So HIIT training makes you lose fat from the exercises which you performed days ago. I explained After burn effect in my previous articles so if you want to know more about after burn effect then check that article .

Muscle Building

Muscle building is another important feature of this high intensity interval training. As we perform exercises in short bursts with low rest periods it boosts the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Human growth hormone regulates many vital functions in our body . Some of them are Muscle building, Fat loss and Increasing bone density. This is the ideal hormone for fitness goal and one could simply boost it within ones body by incorporating HIIT training in his routine

Now some people have confusions that for HIIT there are specified exercises. That is not true. You can perform any exercise as High intensity interval training. In fact weight lifting is a form of HIIT. So to perform any kind of exercise as HIIT , simply perform it with full energy for around half a minute to a full minute and then take a rest for about a quarter minute. It is that simple. You don’t even need any fancy equipment for this. Just your body and your passion.

This form of training requires more energy than any other fat loss exercises. Its ability to shock the metabolism is really amazing but one should be careful about incorporating this in one’s routine. If you are interested in performing HIIT then don’t over do it.

Be Careful

It is a very heavy form of training so just do it 2-3 times in a week . Don’t do more than that. This form of training depletes your energy and effects your nervous system too which needs almost two days to recover, so structure it in your routine carefully. If you do it daily then you would end up over training and that would make you gain some fat and lose some muscles. So be careful.

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