List Of Must Have Gym Gears

Today we would be covering some of the gym gears which I believe are necessary for the best performance. What are gym gears? well gym gears are the stuff which helps you in your fitness journey and you bring them with yourself in the gym. Some of them optimize our performance while others are just a show off. Now lets see which gym gears are better to keep an eye on.

gym gears

Gym Bag

Starting with the gym bag. When I started bodybuilding I ignored this thing but believe me its very important. When you go to the gym bring with yourself, a big bag. If you don’t have one you can buy that or if you cant buy one use any bag, a school bag would help too. Remember you need it because of its importance not because of it’s show off. Well now you got the gym bag what to put in it. For basic or medium pace bodybuilders , specially teen like me well i say keep a towel, a water bottle, Gloves, Straps, belt and arm blaster. These are basic things. If you prefer supplements, you can keep some supplements in your bag but as for me i do it without supplements so the one i described above is my gym bag actually and it helps me really well. Now lets cover each individual item mentioned in the gym bag

Gym Towel

Moving on to the towel. Man its necessary. Sweating is good . I appreciate your hard work but would you please wipe out some sweat from your face and stop dripping on benches and other things. Like really people please just don’t drip here and there. Use a towel. Even if it wont directly enhance your progress in the gym but it can bring up the mood of some other person which can better their progress. So help others too.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a necessary thing. Some of the old mythical bodybuilder often come to me at the gym and say don’t drink water during work out hours. Don’t listen to them. If you just sip some of it during exercise breaks it will give you some energy provided you don’t get in the whole bottle down that would have a negative effect. So let me tell you water is the best thing to bring back your energy at the gym. Don’t drink too much but sipping some of the water during exercise breaks can really help

Gym Gloves

Moving on to the gloves. Gloves are a bit showy thing I think. They do help well but there is a negative side to them which doesn’t make them worth it. Lets cover the positive side first. when you wear a glove it shows that this guy got some serious power, he is about smash some weight and he is gonna take over the gym. They also help keeping your hands clean and free from calluses but i think hard hand and some calluses are good. They show you worked hard for it . If you don’t like them then you can wear it but first see the negative side so that it maybe easier for you to decide. When we wear a glove we get an extra layer of leather over our palm which in turn makes our grip fat or wider.

Due to this wide grip in most of the exercise we quit because of lack in grip instead of the muscle we are dealing with. Fat or wider grip is good for forearm but sometimes we gotta hit some other muscle groups too. while lifting heavy weights grip play an important part so gloves fail when it comes to lifting heavy weights.

Gym Straps

Now its time to cover straps. These weightlifting straps are great. Cheap and easy to use. Straps help in most of the deadly pulling compound exercises like deadlifts and bent over rowing etc. They really increase the grip strength which really help optimize the performance. One of the benefit of these straps is that if you rap them around your palm and wrist like a boxer then they prevent the excessive range of motion of wrist hence keeping your wrist joint perfectly fine. As this wrist joint is under tension all the time in the gym so its better to make it safe with straps.

Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belt is one the important gear.Mostly it is used on leg day and back day. I wrote a whole article on the weight lifting belt last week so better check that and get your views cleared on the importance of weight lifting belt.

Arm Blaster

Last but not least we have the arm blaster. It is not that much important as it only helps with some of the bicep exercises but for biceps it is brutally helpful. The way it isolate those biceps really blast them. For biceps this is the only thing. If you want some really big ass biceps then better find yourself an arm blaster.

So better get yourself a gym bag and get in the things you want but one thing I want to share with you is that keep an eye on your gym bag. It is the most important thing. I got my water bottle stolen last month. So keep an eye on your bag and if someone is stealing your bag then give them some good dose of your gym gains.

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