Weightlifting As A Type Of HIIT?

When it comes to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), people always think about cardio. Yes many of you are right about it. It is primarily used for fat loss and most of the HIIT exercises are cardio based but today I am gonna show you how one can do HIIT with lifting weights.

Yes, weight lifting is a type of HIIT. To understand this lets get deeper into the roots of HIIT. Now if you think about it, HIIT works when someone gives short but intense blasts of energy and then feed themselves with some little rest. Like many people performing HIIT do 30 seconds intense running and then take a rest of about 10 seconds and then they repeat the whole thing again and again.

What’s common in both?

In weightlifting one starts an exercise, performs the desired reps and takes a rest of around 30 seconds to 45 seconds then repeats the whole thing. Now isn’t there something common between them. Look at them this way that both require a person to perform short exercise with intense energy then rest then repeat again and again. You see that’s what I was talking about. Weightlifting is in fact a form of HIIT.

People often confuse HIIT with merely a cardio stuff and use light exercises for performing HIIT. Like most of the people just run for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and then repeat it as they want. For me running is a bit difficult. Like it becomes hard to tolerate each round and I personally cant do more than 10 rounds and on the 10th round I am about to faint away. But I love weightlifting and it is something I always enjoy.

Lifting weights has become a part of my routine. If you like weight lifting too then I am gonna tell you a good news. Weightlifting is in fact a form of HIIT and it triggers the After burn effect better than a typical cardio type session of HIIT would ever do.

Yeah guys weightlifting is such a great thing. Weightlifting can create the after burn effect which can last about three days and its easier as compared to running or any that kind of cardio. Keeping heart rate elevated at around 90% ain’t easy so I personally prefer weight lifting over it.


For people who don’t know what is After burn effect here is a simple explanation. After burn effect is the elevation in the metabolism caused by exercises that use excess energy from your body. I cant put it more simpler tho. I wrote an article on After burn effect so better check it out first so that it becomes easier for you to understand.

Now lets see what makes weightlifting superior to all form of HIIT. When we get into a gym and start our gym session after warmup we hit the muscles directly. Like if its your back day then you would be doing some direct back exercises instead of doing running at the gym. After a successful gym session we brutally break the muscles down.

As the muscle is now broken it needs more and more energy to repair and grow itself. In cardio where you just utilize a muscle group a little and then that muscle can heal itself within hours because it is not torn or broken it is just used. Whereas in weightlifting a muscle is broken down so it need more time to heal itself. This is where After burn effect kick in.

Now if your muscle takes around two or three days to recover from a brutal workout you get after burn for about two to three days. In simple words if your muscle takes around three days to recover then you would have an elevated metabolism for the next three days and elevated metabolism means that you would be burning more calories while watching television or any other activity you doing. So weight lifting is a form of HIIT and the best form I would say.

Weight lifting already had many benefits like strength, big muscle and now it helps greatly in fat loss too. So better get yourself involved with weight lifting and get the complete package of muscle building, fat loss and strength.

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